2014 | Race 6 Results

The final round of the season began with some controversy when the race organisers announced an amendment to the results of the previous race. The Piaggio Commercial team had rejoined the race after an engine failure, but did so in a spare truck. Their 2nd place finish and fastest lap were stripped, putting the World Championship almost out of reach for Kelvyn Woodhead and Thomas Dennis. Nonetheless, as the series finale got underway, 3 teams were in with a chance at the title.

Piaggio’s Kelvyn Woodhead and slicedbread’s Greg Owens were championship winning team-mates in the 2013 campaign and each knew that they could be going home as double world champions that day. With a points deficit however, Piaggio Commercial UK were on their back foot. Only a win and fastest lap would give them any chance of championship glory. Woodhead however demonstrated truly crushing pace during qualifying by taking a new lap record and getting pole by nearly 2 seconds from Owens in the slicedbread truck. Despite another mystifying bout of slow pace for Ape Bee, the championship was wide open again – slicedbread were still favourites but were under pressure.

As the Le Mans style race start began, Woodhead and Owens reached their trucks around the same time but both struggled to get a good start with fumbled gears. The former team-mates approached turn one almost level, but Woodhead had the important inside line for the second part of Pylon corner. A half-hearted attempt by Owens to force past at the first apex was robustly resisted by Woodhead, leaving Owens to wash out wide at turn 1.

By only the 3rd corner of the race, the result seemed inevitable – Woodhead was sprinting ahead and no-one was close to matching him for speed. Despite doing everything possible to take the title, Piaggio Commercial’s hopes would come to an end on lap 12 as Woodhead literally drove the wheels off his truck. A hub failure ditched the championship hopeful into the barriers and out of contention. Slicedbread racing now simply needed to finish ahead of Ape Bee to secure the title.

Gareth Allen in the Ape Bee truck again suffered frustration as his Ape choked its way around in midfield for another race. The winners of rounds 1 and 2 had still failed to get to grips with suspected carburetion problems , however Allen doggedly persevered, knowing championship victory was at least a possibility as long as he was clocking laptimes.

For the second race in a row, Chris King’s hire class team featured strongly on track with their qualifying and race pace just a whisker shy of the more experienced slicedbread Racing team. After succumbing to lapped traffic during the early part of the race, the kart-racers made a powerful recovery to close within just 30 seconds of the leaders by the end of the race. Hopefully King will return with a fully-fledged championship entry in 2015.

Ultimately however, the championship race was decided on lap 12. The positions would not change for the rest of the race, leaving Owens to cruise to another gifted race win and a consecutive world title.

“We’re thrilled to have taken the title; after some early season disasters we were convinced we’d lost this one! All credit to Kelvyn (Woodhead) though – who knows how he’s managed to find quite so much time on the rest of us! Had he enjoyed better reliability we really wouldn’t have had a chance…” said Owens, after the race.

121slicedbread Racing82--1:04.31 (*)
239RLD #9820:35,340:35.341:04.52
342Ape Bee802L - 53s2L - 18s1:06.78
465RLD #5793L - 2s0:18.791:05.40
554RLD #4784L - 7s1L - 4s1:07.04
677RLD #7756L - 29s2L - 22s1:07.36
716Piaggio UKDNF69L62L1:04.55
8DNS3Piaggio UKNot classified--1:02.58 [LR]
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