2018 Racing Ape Calendar

2018 Rye House Circuit Dates

10th March  @7.30pm, 29th March @6.00pm, 15th April @6.00pm, 26th April @7.30pm,

13th May @6.00pm, 24th May @6.00pm, 10th June @6.00pm, 21st June @7.30pm,

26th July @7.30pm, 9th August @7.30pm, 9th August @7.30pm, 26th August @6.00pm

6th September @5.00pm, 27th September @5.00pm

Book now on 01992 460 895 or  https://www.redletterdays.co.uk/experience/ref/ryepo/piaggio-ape-racing

All events subject to minimum of bookings

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